Technical courier

Dap Sides is a technical courier in addition to being a logistics partner

We have always been the logistics partner for an important Italian television platform.

At first, we dealt only with the logistics and distribution of decoders, product data sheets and advertising materials.
One day, Natale Oteri realised the product delivery and installation process could be optimised, reducing both the waiting time of the final customer and costs for the television broadcaster.

In fact, until then, the final customer subscribed to the service and made an appointment with the installer to arrange for the service to be activated. At the same time, Dap Sides was tasked with delivering the decoder to home by courier so that the installer would have it on site on the day of the appointment. Once the delivery was made to the home of the customer, Dap Sides notified the television platform that the task had been performed. The television platform then called the customer once again to arrange for the technician to visit and install and activate the decoder.

We therefore put ourselves forward as technical couriers. The broadcaster, despite their initial hesitancy, decided to approve the proposal and ten Dap Sides associates were trained on processes, decoders, common installation problems and the related resolution to the problems, also providing a remote technical support department.

Our 10 associates, in turn, trained other personnel and built up a flexible, mobile technical organisation of 50 people divided in 25 teams of 2, able to reach anywhere in the north of Italy: this is how the position of “technical courier” was created.

Given the positive experience of this experiment, the broadcaster also transferred the task of installing the satellite dishes to us.

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