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    Logistics for the fashion and textile industry

    We have developed services specifically for logistics for fashion and textiles in order to offer a complete and personalised service for customers operating in these sectors.

    Logistics in the world of fashion is a strategic asset and apparel companies have to rely on partners who are reliable and flexible, on the one hand capable of managing rapid changes in the sector while, at the same, the security of ensuring schedules will be adhered to and the valuable goods are kept safe.

    Customers operating in the clothing sector are highly demanding as they require large warehouse spaces for the assortment of goods, orderly and accurate inventories on product availability, punctual delivery times and a wide range of “accessory” services not strictly related to logistics and storage.

    Among the services designed specifically for the clothing sector, we offer:

    • Order collection and labelling
    • Relabelling of goods where necessary
    • Transport of garment on hanger (GOH)
    • Sorting of goods at the various points of sale
    • Transport of garment on hanger (GOH) and/or folded garments
    • Ironing of apparel
    • Retail security systems: affixing security labels (anti-shoplifting)
    • Returns management

    All of our customers from the world of fashion and textiles renew their trust in us year after year, allowing us to remain at their side for over 30 years.

    Choose as your partner for the logistics, storage and transport of your clothing products and, like our current customers, you will not be disappointed.

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    Dap Side deals with transport for the clothing industry through a customized logistic service for fashion and textile companies.

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