Warehouse management system

IT services for warehouse management and related services

We face the issue of Digital Transformation head on, adopting the best solutions and choosing the most reliable partners on the market, with the aim of real-time monitoring of costs, internal and external performance, in order to provide a competitive service up to date with the times.

Being able to provide 3PL and 4PL logistics services to customers, especially those in the “digital” world, such as companies operating in E-commerce companies and Start-ups, is a great challenge for us. It means wanting to be prepared and ready for the challenge. We are a small integrated logistics company, which wants to “work well”, because only those who work well can survive in the current economic climate where the level of sophistication of demand is increasingly high. The logistics service of the past is the basis of what we all need to be able to offer, the challenge is to be able to put forward a complete range of business services while at the same time ensuring outsourcing processes.

Our customers are becoming ever more keen on the idea of outsourcing the tasks they are not expert at and which are simply seen as “headaches”. In the warehouse management system (namely IT services for warehouse management and related services) we try to be flexible and adopt all the paradigms, from the Cloud, to the IOT for “Smart Logistics”, to native and rapid interfacing of CMS platforms for E-commerce (for example, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce…), rather than offering our Web Services to create interfaces with customer systems.

We currently adopt Business Intelligence tools to measure costs and performance. It is a natural choice for us to also offer them abroad, providing Analytics or ad hoc Reporting services in order to calculate the commissions of retail networks on Retail and GDO in the Home Video sector.

Another subject which is close to our heart is that of security, in terms of infrastructure, data redundancy and disaster recovery systems (guaranteed by two proprietary data centres), which allow us to guarantee the continuity of the service level and to be online with the guidelines of the GDPR certification regarding data protection.