Logistics for Technological Appliances

Logistics and storage for the Hi-Tech sector

Your technological devices are secure in our bunker area

Over the years, we have been organising logistics for technological devices service and we are therefore equipped to accommodate valuable products in our warehouses.

A bunker area has been set up, inside the 30,000 m2, which guarantees a secure and insured service for goods and products especially coveted on the market due to their high economic value.

The bunker area is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using CCTV cameras, infrared presence detection (even at night), roof included, with keycode entry.

High value storage

The best storage for high value items

Dap Sides proposes an high value items storage like thecnological devices or appliances, a real bunker area that guarantees its safety.

high value storage

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