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    What drives our transport and logistics company


    Become a flexible and streamlined logistics operator, able to integrate with any business environment.

    Maintain continuous growth by keeping pace with the evolution of increasingly sophisticated demand, keeping firm control over the impact on the environment which surrounds us.


    Offer quality services, which allow each of our customers to focus on their core business, varying their cost structure and providing them with a degree of certainty.

    Providing our customers with the know-how gained through 40 years of experience in the logistics and transport sector, along with our team of experts and their continuing desire to learn.


    The family, as the cornerstone and driving force behind all our activities.

    Our role as a logistics operator: working alongside small and large companies for over 40 years, with an eye towards the future

    We have been present on the logistics market for over 40 years, beginning in the 1970s with the storage and installation of advertising billboards, from which we took the acronym for Distribuzione Affissioni Pubblicitarie (Distribution of Advertising Billboards). Today we are a logistics operator registered with the Albo dei Trasportatori (Italian register of road haulage operators), which is not limited to the simple storage and transport of goods, but offers integrated services that can help the customer to carry out all the steps up to the final customer, referring to a single supplier.

    Today we hear and read a lot about 3PL and 4PL: what do these mean for us, a medium-sized, fully Italian operator?

    3PL is an integrated logistics service provider and distinguishes itself from the simple service provider (or LSP, Logistic Service Provider) because it offers an integrated series of activities, usually interconnected and interdependent, continuous and contiguous activity streams, such as receiving, storage, order preparation, packaging, transport and delivery to the final customer.

    As a 3PL company, we use subcontractors where needed (e.g.: transport companies, cooperatives, etc.), but we always maintain the relationship with the customer and we are the ones who are responsible, personally responding to the overall result, even for activities performed by our subcontractors. Our customers know that they can come to our offices whenever they wish and discuss any issues directly with the company’s top management.

    4PL is a supplier of integrated logistics services working in strategic partnership with the customer: it is similar to 3PL, but is more evolved, with a higher degree of technological capacity and integration. 4PL takes responsibility for all of the customer’s logistics, restructures it and then entrusts it to fourth parties. For this reason, it is a logistics integrator.

    This method of ‘providing service’ represents the response to the ever-increasing need for the use of logistics as a competitive lever.

    In line with this trend, we offer our customers:

    • The peace and tranquillity to focus on what matters to them
    • The security of having costs which are variable and manageable

    Read our case history on the subject.

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