Home Video Logistics

Integrated logistics services for home entertainment, including storage, distribution and even returns management

Logistics, distribution and reconditioning of technological devices

Thanks to years of experience in logistics for the Home Entertainment market, we have organised a process that means we are able to optimise each step of the logistics and distribution/supply chain of technological equipment, from packaging to the storage of goods, to final delivery of the product delivery and relative invoicing.

Today, we are a point of reference for customers who operate in this sector and who want a single supplier to manage more parts of the distribution process.

We directly manage the preparation of mass release orders and from the catalogue; we carry out the activities of distribution of goods and we manage the product inventory.

A very important activity that often generates critical issues for customers operating in the Home Entertainment sector is returns management, so we want to support them in their activities. We have organised ourselves so that, within 24 hours from the time returns arrive from the points of sale, we can inspect them and classify them as “OK”, “to be reconditioned” or “disposal” and carry out an inventory on them.

We process the reconditioned goods with cellophane wrapping and reapplication of the SIAE sticker, as well as preparing the declaration to the relative Bodies, both for the disposed of product and the reconditioned home entertainment product.

Home video devices storage

The best storage for devices of home entertainment

Home video devices storage is a service by Dap Sides that includes distribution and reconditioning of home entertainment technology devices.

home video devices storage

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