Collection and disposal management of used domestic appliances

Value-added service: collection of used items, disposal of domestic appliances and installation of new technological devices

The customer requested our help to “deliver” a B2C promotion to its consumers: those who bought a new generation TV and returned their old TV (with a large amount of packaging), would have received a discount on the purchase price of their new appliance.

For this marketing campaign, it was estimated there were a total of approximately 7,000 collections.
A process was set up in collaboration with the customer for which a list of names (1 a month for 3 months) was passed to us in electronic format, that had to be contacted by telephone to organise the doorstep collection, remove the old appliance with its box, take it to the Dap Sides warehouse and carry out disposal in compliance with environmental procedures (SISTRI and RAE). The activity was organised through 2 couriers managed by use, in order to cover all of Italy in compliance with the SLA agreed with the customer.

The challenge in successfully completing this task was to make the activities run smoothly and efficiently.

We then organised a removal plan, not only to optimise journeys, but also to resolve the issue of the packaging for the TVs removed which, specifically in cases of customers with cathode-ray tubes, meant managing each individual collection with extremely variable sizes and volumes.


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