Logistics Services

    Warehouse logistics, transport management and value-added services

    Logistics services designed for the Customer

    We are a long-standing, well established company that offers logistics, warehousing and transport services for companies operating in different sectors and with particular needs. Logistics services for E-Commerce and Start-ups are the jewel in our crown. As a family-run business we are able to be flexible and can customise our services to meet the most demanding needs of our customers.


    In our warehouses we manage more than 1.3 million orders per year, divided over 3 operational Hubs making available a total of over 30,000 square metres of storage space to customers. We have developed a proprietary WHM software (Warehouse management system) which allows us to customise our services based on the needs of the customer and quickly integrates with their own IT systems. A bunker area and a temperature-controlled area allow us to manage valuable goods and products sensitive to temperature changes.

    Freight transport

    We are registered with the Italian national register of road haulage operators and we have a licence for the transportation of freight as well as its distribution in Italy and abroad.
    We manage parcel, pallet or dedicated shipments by means of van, motor vehicle or articulated lorry for all product types.

    Value-added services

    Suitable stock of the goods, delivery to its destination on time and a suitable packaging are now services taken for granted by the customer. Our value-added service is that of offering increasingly more tailor-made services, and carrying out activities that are integrated throughout the supply chain, both upstream and downstream of what is merely logistics management.

    Full Outsourcing: our ``turnkey`` service

    We take care of our customer and for this reason we are structured to offer a service known as “FullService” which is able to support the customer in the full management of the process. From order management, to logistics management (warehouse and transport), to invoicing, to payment.

    Logistics services for Start-ups:

    We have set ourselves the goal of being the ideal partner for start-up companies. We provide flexibility, support, performance and savings, right from the first orders received. In real terms, for us it means dedicating the conditions, services and resources proportionate to the success results of the company being established.

    Logistics for E-Commerce

    Since 2004 we have been assisting E-Commerce in various sectors developing cross-sector expertise (including sectors such as books, cosmetics, food supplements, furniture, toys..) offering IT, management and operational support, from order management and CRM, to delivery to the consumer’s home, and cash collection.

    Business sectors and industries served

    We are specialised in logistics services and integrated ad hoc services for different market sectors

    Home video

    Home video

    Logistics for home video & entertainment

    We have become a reference point for our customers who operate in the field of Home video & Entertainment.



    Logistics for the clothing industry

    Some of our customers belong to the world of fashion. Year after year they have renewed their trust in us, allowing us to work side-by-side for over 30 years.

    Printed Press

    Printed Press

    Logistics for the printed press

    We manage the warehouses, stocking goods for several of the largest publishing groups in Italy.

    Advertising Material

    Advertising Material

    Management of advertising material

    We support the Operative Marketing companies in the management of advertising material.

    Technological Appliances

    Technological Appliances

    Logistics for technological devices

    A bunker area has been set up within our warehouses which guarantees a secure service for goods and products especially coveted on the market due to their high economic value.

    Cosmetics And Food Supplement Sector

    Cosmetics And Food Supplement Sector

    Logistics for the cosmetics and food supplement sector

    We carry out the centralised management of the product warehouse and organise distribution in Europe for companies in the Health & Beauty sector.



    Logistics for pharmaceutical products

    Our warehouses have temperature-controlled areas in which we stock products for pharmaceutical companies.

    Food and Beverage

    Food and Beverage

    Logistics for Food and Beverage

    Our warehouses have temperature-controlled areas (from +10 degrees to +24 degrees) for the storage of food and drinks that deteriorate with temperature changes.

    Warehousing logistics services

    The best warehousing logistics services for companies

    Dap Sides offers many warehousing logistics services for companies, including shipping, delivery and goods storage service.

    warehousing logistics services