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    Management and distribution of advertising materials

    We serve Operational Marketing companies and advertising and communication agencies.

    For this specific sector, we have developed a special way of managing promotional advertising material that allows the final customer to be relieved of activities which are “corollary” to their core business, so they have a single point of contact for multiple services and are therefore able to dedicate greater time to more creative aspects.

    For customers who need to manage and distribute promotional material, we offer the following services:

    • Distribution of products and promotional and advertising materials
    • Installation and maintenance of island displays
    • Custom packaging
    • Inventories are continuously updated
    • Collection and storage of withdrawn products, without which any promotional activities could not be implemented.

    Advertising material distribution services

    The best distribution service for advertising material

    The advertising material distribution is a service by Dap Sides that includes management of promotional material and installation of island displays.

    advertising material distribution services