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    Our value-added services

    In the current economic scenario, the provision of a standard service is taken for granted.

    To better meet the needs of the customer, we have made improvements and are able to offer value-added services which are increasingly more tailor-made, and to carry out activities that are integrated throughout the supply chain, both upstream and downstream of what is merely logistics management.

    We move our planning and our proposals forward with the sole aim of relieving the customer from logistics operations and it is for this reason we are looking to extend our range of services which revolve around the supply chain. The ultimate aim is to minimise the impact fixed costs on the customer’s income statement, making them as variable as possible, so that they are able to concentrate on their core business.

    A few of our value-added services:


    Over the years we have built up a network of installers through which we are able to send out over 150 people, organised into teams over 32 platforms spread across the entire country, providing B2B and B2C services such as delivery, installation and shop floor collection (e.g.: televisions, decoders, printers, etc.), as well as complex services such as the collection and disposal of technological devices, an area in which we are highly specialised.


    Once the territorial rollout plan has been determined, each individual shop is personalised based on customer need:

    • We manage all promotional advertising materials for the POS (from reception to preparation and shipping); we assemble all totems, shelf-stoppers, hanging displays, window stickers, display stands and window signs on site; we set up all printed materials according to specific instructions (e.g.: posters, leaflets, brochures and price lists); we handle materials other than paper (e.g.: desk holders, free-standing shelves, display units, etc.)
    • We carry out the installation plan according to customer specification, across all of Italy, respecting the timeline determined upstream.

    We train teams of installers to be sent to the region to carry out the work in each shop and tailored, according the needs of the customer and the point of sale, by the team assigned to the shop.

    An example of some of the activities we usually perform for this type of project:

    • telephone bookings for work to be carried out at the POS,
    • once on site, we prepare the consignment note, take photographs of the shop interior, carry out an inventory of all the material collected for disposal and fill out the note,
    • we collect all the material to be removed, check the promotion validity period and position the new material,
    • collect any communication materials between the POS and customer,
    • send the customer the work report, with the photographs attached, by end of day. Where IT support is available, we update the system including the relative reports we have prepared.


    • We are able to carry out our activities directly on site (at large-scale retail stores/mass-market retailers, large-scale specialist retailers, distribution chains, local points of purchase, pharmacies, etc.) and have developed cross-industry skills through decades of working with prestigious brands in the worlds of technology, pharmaceuticals and entertainment, as well as other sectors.
    • When requested, we assemble, install and maintain: corner units, display stands (counter and floor), promotional stands to accommodate electronic and audio-video products with their relative set up (e.g.: corner demonstration stand for 3D TVs with a column for active 3D glasses) and joinery and carpentry for the assembly of vertical wooden structures, platforms and display units.
    • We take inventory of all the material collected for disposal and complete the note. When the work is complete, we send all the documentation along with the relative photographs.


    Design, production and delivery of packaged products.

    We have industrial ovens which allow us to shrink-wrap outbound parcels, therefore ensuring the condition of the goods during transport.

    The Cellophane wrapping of DVDs, magazines and other specific products is one our product packaging services. We design the packaging as well as the box according to the wishes and needs of the customer; we are able to package specific products using ad hoc machinery (e.g.: Smart card, CAM, SIM, credit card, small electronic devices) with anti-shoplifting blinder and blister packs, bundles.

    Set up promotional stand

    The best service of point of sale installation

    The set up of promotional stand is one of Dap Sides services, supplied together with the point of sale’s installation thanks to professional installers.

    set up promotional stand