Logistics for Startups

Logistics for emerging businesses

Logistics support for Startups

Startups, as with all emerging businesses, initially have great ideas and limited financial resources to implement them. We represent the ideal partner for those who have big projects that they wish to start from scratch.

We aim to act as a logistics incubator which guarantees flexibility, support, performance and savings, right from the first orders received. In real terms, for us it means dedicating the conditions, services and resources proportionate to the success results of the company being established, investing in entrepreneurship, winning ideas and market trends.

In concrete terms, this means:

  • offer prices normally reserved for higher volumes than those during the first year business and without taxable minimums
  • guarantee conditions usually reserved for customers with high credit ratings


We propose solutions proportionate to the size of the company and the speed of business development.

Among our logistics services for Startups:

  • storage of goods.
  • Deliver products to private customers, with possibility of collection on delivery.
  • Invoicing
  • Credit recovery.
  • Customer care.


In addition to our logistics services for Startups, we offer workstations and offices to welcome customer teams.

Storage startup

The best storage for startup

Dap Sides supports with a service of storage for startup companies, that look for a depository and a delivery service for their business.

storage startup

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