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    Logistics for food and logistics for wine

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    Temperature-controlled storage and special packaging

    We have set up a area inside our warehouses for the temperature-controlled storage of particular foodstuffs and beverages (from + 10°C to + 24°C) that allows us to store them without the goods deteriorating.

    We monitor the reception of foodstuffs and beverages and track their movement, from the time they enter the warehouse until they are delivered to their destination: this mean greater efficiency, both in terms of time and accuracy in the fulfilment of orders.  The temperature-controlled storage area of the warehouse stocks not only foodstuffs, it also makes it possible to manage the logistics for pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products and supplements.

    Years of experience in the food and beverage sector have allowed us to develop and optimise the process of storage and delivery of goods, minimising waste for the most fragile products.

    We use packaging with registered trademarks (e.g.: NAKPACK ® – http://www.nakpack.co.uk) to guarantee increased levels of safety and reduce breakages. Our team of professionals collaborates with our suppliers in order to study personalised and suitable packaging, based on the specific needs that our customers present us from time to time. (e.g.: SLA for the distribution of wine).

    Food cold storage

    The best food transport for companies

    Dap Sides offers a food cold storage service in special cold stores, and a controlled-temperature beverage transportation.

    food cold storage