Food supplement and cosmetics sector

Logistics and shipping for the wellness sector

Logistics for Health & Beauty

For companies in the Health & Beauty sector, we carry out the centralised management of the product warehouse and organise distribution both in Europe and the rest of the world.

We also provide returns management support for customers in the food supplement and cosmetics sector (as for Home Entertainment), an activity that usually constitutes an area of concern for customers and for us represents an operational excellence. As a result of our work, we allow our customers to vary costs based on requirements, providing them with a degree of certainty.

Our service consists of the following activities:

  • Repackaging of returned products
  • Evaluation of the goods
  • Relabelling (as occurs with Pharmaceutical products)
  • Customer Care management, both pre and post sales, by means of multilingual call centre operators specialised in sales and claim activities

We are able to take care of the entire B2C distribution chain, including collect on delivery, with weekly management of customer reporting and crediting of the amounts collected to the current account (cash management).

For the food supplement and cosmetics sector, above all, we do not ignore feedback which is useful for planning production and order management, sent via ad hoc reporting. These activities are based on the integration of our information systems with those of the customer.

Cosmetics supply chain

The best logistic for cosmetics supply chain

The cosmetics supply chain that Dap Sides manages, is a logistic service for companies in the health & beauty sector and also includes the food supplements.

cosmetics supply chain

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