Not just packaging

Value-added services: software updates, entry of serial numbers and packaging

An ad hoc workshop has been set up in our warehouses to update decoder software for a well-known customer operating in the pay TV sector.

All decoders are stored in the bunker area: Dap Sides technicians pass the decoders to the workshop so that the system update, the serialization of the new smart-card, the combination of a new smart-card are performed and, lastly, packaging the decoder (change of packaging) and the smart card.

Packaging is performed, at the customer’s request, using a dedicated automatic injection blister packing machine.
A single barcode is created for both decoders and smart cards (with serial matching). The packs are delivered to the POSs according to the planning established with the company.


Do you have a similar service and would like to know what solutions we could offer you?

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