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    Orders and suppliers

    Companies today have to face multiple challenges in the supply chain; everyone aims to be streamlined and punctual, searching for ways to improve their operational performance and, as a consequence, the financial ratios.

    Thanks to a team of experts, composed of people with different backgrounds and skills, and using dedicated software, we are able to manage the entire customer supply chain, improving performance and varying the costs.

    We take care of all customer activities starting from the order, including the management of suppliers (a process that starts with order management, logistics and administration), which is why we call it our Full Outsourcing of services package.

    Orders and customers

    Our Full Outsourcing service, with regard to the final customer, involves integrated solutions to manage every aspect of the relationships between our customers and theirs, including product management up to the time of payment.

    The activities are carried out and supervised with a level of service agreed with the customer (SLA) and aimed at ensuring their reputation is maintained.

    Customer service, as we understand it, must be proactive, generate high conversion rates (in the case of sales), reduce the rate of unsold goods, improve the order acceptance and recall ratios and follow up the order, with consequent economic benefits to the income statement.


    • Customer portfolio management
    • Customer Care management
    • Management of the sales networks, including the calculation and delivery of commissions

    Accounting, invoicing and cash management

    The type of activities and processes are defined in detail with the customer (procedures, qualifications, information flows, approval procedures, etc.) in order to manage all the stages, ranging from order acceptance to issuing the invoice and collecting payment:


    • Invoicing on behalf of the customer.
    • Receivables (bank transfers, collection on delivery).
    • Credit management.
    • Royalties management.
    • Bank reconciliation.
    • General accounting.

    Outsourcing supply chain

    The best outsourced supply chain management service

    Dap Sides proposes the administration of the logistic’s supply chain in outsourcing to improve the operational performance regarding orders and suppliers.

    outsourcing supply chain