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    Distribution and logistics of pharmaceutical products

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    Logistics services for pharmaceutical companies

    We have set up a temperature-controlled area in our warehouses (from + 10 degrees to + 24 degrees), where products from several Italian pharmaceutical companies are stored, safeguarding them from damage or deterioration due to changes in the external temperature.

    Given the delicate nature and importance of the products being processed, utmost attention and respect is given to safety standards in the storage of pharmaceutical products and during their transport.

    For companies in the pharmaceutical sector we provide the following services:

    • storage,
    • transport of pharmaceutical products,
    • relabelling of packages,
    • barcode generation, including in different languages, following the specific needs of the customer.


    Logistics services for the pharmaceutical sector can be tailored to the needs of the customer.

    Pharmaceutical transport

    The best medicines transport and cold storage

    Pharmaceutical transport is one of the logistic services provided by Dap Sides and it includes a medical cold storage in a temperature controlled area.

    pharmaceutical transport