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    Our warehouse logistics revolves around 3 operational Hubs making a total of over 30,000 square metres of storage space available to customers. In our warehouses we handle over 1.3 million orders a year and our efficiency is demonstrated by the fact that physical activity is supported by a proprietary software of WHM (Warehouse management system), which allows us to customise our services based on customer need and quickly integrate with their own information systems.

    These are 2 important assets which make it possible for us to ensure security and respond to different business requirements:

    • The bunker area allows us to safeguard valuable goods for customers who carry out specific business activities, whether continuously or occasionally (such as reward programs, loyalty programs and competitions).
    • The temperature-controlled area allows us to manage several types of products such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foodstuffs or dietary products.

    The entire physical flow, from the moment goods enter the warehouse to when they exit, is supported by an information system that is the result of the knowledge and experience our company has built up over more than 40 years in the sector.
    Each storage service is a project which we personalise, where the physical design of the warehouse is always supported by a technical analysis and its realisation, on the part of IT, which is consistent with the real flows.



    • Quantity and quality control of goods on entry.
    • Automatic recognition of product codes, weights and dimensions.



    • Radio frequency management of goods and use of optimisation algorithms for positioning and storage.
    • Logistics and physical inventory management by lot and serial numbers.
    • Assembly, kitting and labelling services.



    • Total/partial order fulfilment and backlog management.
    • Catalogue-driven order management.
    • Scheduling of release orders which require mandatory delivery.
    • Radio frequency goods picking.
    • Waybill and label printing.
    • Study, design and supply of custom packaging and labelling, aimed also at improving customer performance and efficiency indicators (% breakage, damage, etc.)
    • Design and production of customised sleeve wrapping and packaging, blister packs and shrink wrapping.
    • Fulfilment procedures for high value orders subjected to video surveillance and designed to meet the specific requirements of the customer.



    Reverse logistics plays an important role for the purposes of sustainable development. We always recommend that our customers recover their materials so that together, we can study solutions that can ensure savings through the reutilisation of some material components, the resale of entire products or components of used products, as well as increasing the awareness of environmental impact on the part of the customer and the final consumer.

    • For us, return flows are important: we use processes and specialised personnel to properly manage the process and, where possible, maximise the consolidation of returned products while working to reduce costs. This process involves the collection, inspection, repair, reconfiguration, repackaging and replenishment of stock, SWAP, dismantling, recycling or disposal of products such as: TV, decoder, printers and toner cartridges, PCs.
    • As for technological devices, we offer a storage service with a maintenance contract for on-site replacement and collection, the ecobox contract to store the replaced toner cartridges and their collection; this is what eco-sustainability means to us!
    • Management of the returned merchandise authorisation, check the condition of the product and its classification (‘good’, ‘to be reconditioned’, ‘send to disposal’)
    • A dedicated team will rework the returns, loading them both physically and onto the system in a maximum of 48 hours.

    Goods storage warehouse

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    Dap Sides offers its own warehouse for the storage of various types of goods for all companies looking for a depository for their products.

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