The tradition which coexists and collaborates with innovation


The properties in which we operate represent an important and safe asset in which the goods of our customers are stored and processed.

High level security systems allow us to accommodate different types of products, including any items of value.

30,000 square metres overall, distributed across 3 hubs, with two properties in Rho and another in Nerviano.

2,000 metres of office space, recently renovated, complete the area.

Our customers often ask to use our rooms to organise meetings and different operational activities; it gives us great pleasure to host them and allow them to experience Dap Sides as if it were their home.



We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2008 and are in compliance with the recent standard (9001: 2015) concerning warehouse management, storage, handling, planning, order fulfilment, picking, packaging and distribution of various goods. Third party logistics (storage and distribution services) for OTC and cosmetic products, both in Italia and abroad (IQ NET). These certifications represent an important objective, one that guarantees the professionalism and quality of the processes and services offered.

The other certifications are those required to operate in our sector; all operators like us possess them, renew them and keep them updated:

  • Public Health Authorisation for the storage and distribution of medicines intended for human use
  • Authorisation to Store Foodstuffs (dry) and Food Supplements
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Self-monitoring plan for foodstuffs stored in the warehouse.

All warehouses have a state-of-the art video-surveillance and alarm system.

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