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    Our organisation between logistics and transport



    Natale e Matteo Oteri, are the two generations who live, share, enliven and love the company.

    Natale had an intuition in 1977 and was able to realise it through the founding of Dap Sides; he represents the solidity of the foundations and still provides support to the development of each new initiative.

    Matteo is the new spirt of the company who expresses the dynamism of the present day and prepares Dap Sides each day to face the challenges of the future.

    Matteo is constantly looking for new business on which to focus and keeps the company “glued” to the evolutions in demand. The world is changing, reality is evolving and Dap Sides responds to the requirements of the customer and the new demands of a market that is increasingly service-oriented and increasingly further from the traditional concept of logistics. For this reason, Dap Sides has already offered a portfolio of services for several years providing E-commerce logistics and support for startups which represent one of the selling points of company.

    In our business, the unity and synergy between tradition and innovation are fundamental: it is tradition that supports innovation!

    Natale and Matteo work side by side, imagining an ever greener Dap Sides, which moves forward with respect for the environment and sustainable growth, “only in this way is it possible to realise the interests of the company and, at the same time, meet the expectations of all those who work here with enthusiasm” (Matteo Oteri).



    Alessandro Zanco has been a part of Dap Sides for over 15 years. He possesses great knowledge and understanding of the logistics sector, in which he received his training and is an established professional. He is the alter-ego of the Oteri family.

    The management of DAP is guided by the following 4 core values:

    • Professionalism: of all our projects are based on years of experience gained in the logistics of various national and multinational and companies
    • Reliability: each day, we show our clients that we are always at their side, even when problems arise
    • Commitment: in a more complex world, we are always there, available 24/7, 365 days a year
    • Honesty: when it comes to our customers, as with our associates, we recognise the value of being transparent in relationships both inside and outside the company




    The company has always been highly sensitive when it comes to the people who are part of it. The founding value of the family has allowed us to create a strong bond with our key stakeholders: customers, partner couriers and technical teams.
    Working in Dap Sides requires you to be aware of your duties and responsibilities towards customers because it is often given back in return, within in a context of mutual trust and interdependence.

    Direct contact with the customer requires a high aptitude for communication and interpersonal relationships; our team is able to analyse the specificities related to the provision of services and take actions in order to continuously improve.

    A dynamic and streamlined work environment has allowed Gabriele Regonesi and his team to overcome continuous challenges, even in new business activities, over the years.




    Our warehouses are the heart of our business.

    The teams of technical personnel are specialised and assigned to the different activities (home entertainment, health and beauty, the installation of points of sale and island displays, equipment installation, clothing, etc.), so that new members are trained and ready for any emergency.

    The team is solid and the people have been with us in the company for over 20 years; they provide our know-how and make it possible for us to offer customers the flexibility and readiness to respond to various needs.

    Stefano Consonni has been in charge of Operations for over 15 years and is the «pivot» of the team; he is involved with the planning of activities on a daily basis, supervising and optimising processes to make our services more attractive, streamlined and replicable.




    Luca Martegani is the head of Finance and has been with Dap Sides for 16 years. Together with his team, he takes care of all tax, customs and invoicing issues for our customers. The Finance unit coordinates and manages the active accounting of our customers on their behalf.




    Dap Sides has a team of developers and system integrators (Carlo Poddi and Giancarlo Cescofrare) who work continuously, allowing us to interface our business with any system and technological infrastructure used by our customers.

    Our WMS information system is available both “on-premise” and “Cloud”, allowing us to communicate directly with our customers’ systems, in FTP mode, Web services, XML, email, EDI.

    The WMS of Dap Sides is based on UNIX systems and IBM servers.

    Our systems engineers develop and customise integrated reports to allow the rest of the company and the customer to continuously monitor the levels of services delivery.

    Through our information systems, we provided “turnkey” solutions for even small businesses (PMI and startups), allowing them to vary costs without the need to worry about purchasing and maintaining their own WMS and/or CRM.

    Dap Sides is equipped with a redundant infrastructure that allows the realisation of low RPO and RTO Disaster Recovery times.

    It is possible to monitor shipments from departure to delivery to the end customer and/or verify the signed proof of delivery (POD management) directly from our site.