Social Responsibility

Our policies are consistent with sustainable development

Dap Sides is a partner of SOS Logistica of which Matteo Oteri is member of the Board of Directors.

It is important for us to be consistent with regard to sustainable development, which is why we are committed to social responsibility.

“Sustainable Logistics means a logistics operation that aims to offer the service and economic conditions required by the market, while looking at each solution in terms of what is most appropriate for the environment and mobility with regard to the procurement, production, transport, final delivery and recycling of products and goods. The Association for Sustainable Logistics wants us to promote logistics which are more efficient and, at the same time, more respectful.” (source: SOS Logistica)

As a logistics company, we know we must undertake these missions and objectives, act with economic sense without compromising our future capacity or the environmental context to which we belong.

The path of sustainability is a difficult one to travel, as the promises of growth and sustainable “action” at an environmental level are anything but simple and mundane. Many logistics companies, including ours, have decided to join together and begin to lay the foundations for a different path, in step with the times, but an ethical act at the same time.

To make this happen, it is easier to “team up” and grow as a sector rather than as a single company, starting from the basics or, more precisely, from the creation of awareness throughout the system, looking at how the respective companies and their respective customers operate.

The road is long and hard, it must be built in small pieces, but this does not mean it is impossible.

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