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    Dap Sides was established in 1977 following the entrepreneurial idea of Natale Oteri, President and CEO of the logistics company.

    Initially the warehouse was a small basement in Milan of just 60 square meters. Today the facility of Dap Sides covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters, where approximately 100 people work every day.

    Starting from an activity linked to the management of Distribution of Advertising Billboards, today Dap Sides is able to offer more traditional logistic activities, transport and above all it specialises in offering its customers a wide range of services and high value projects… with the aim of providing its customers with a complete service.

    Dap Sides is a family-run company that has always invested with the aim of growing alongside its customers.

    Dap Sides has always been proactive in terms of its customers and over the years it has been able to design and manage extremely complex and personalised activities, which go beyond the classic management of logistics and distribution.

    Today Dap Sides attempts to provide its customers with increasingly tailor-made services and activities that are integrated throughout the supply chain, upstream and downstream of logistics management more typically understood as storage and warehousing.

    The main objective of Dap Sides is to relieve the customer of logistics operations, to minimise the impact of fixed costs on the customer’s income statement, making them as certain as possible thereby allowing the customer to concentrate on their core business namely, the marketing and sales of their products. A team of logistics experts is constantly working to offer concrete support to the customer, from purely productive operations, to process management and to the distribution of goods across the country.

    This allows us to define Dap Sides logistics as increasingly project-based logistics.

    Why choose Dap Sides?

    1. Because it is flexible
    2. Because Dap Sides will go the extra mile for its customers, assisting them and meeting their needs
    3. Because Dap Sides guarantees the highest level of service, in the first person