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    Our logistics services for E-Commerce

    From 2004 to the present day, we have capitalised our extensive wealth of experience in a variety of sectors, including books, furnishings and toys.
    Wine, cosmetics and food supplements are our pillars of excellence.
    Our goal is to make things work, reliably and securely: order management and CRM, ‘door-to-door’ delivery and cash collection are key activities that we preside over and manage personally.
    We also decided to develop an in-house Customer Care service, which has allowed us to learn quickly and reduce the rate of returned and declined orders compared to average rates in the world of e-commerce, helping our customer to increase the volume of sales.
    Even in this new context, our logistics solutions are integrated with the client’s activities: from the design and sharing of the conceptual model, which must be tested and refined until it works perfectly, up to the completely independent operational management.


    Our logistics services for E-Commerce specifically provide:

    • Quality and quantity control of goods on entry.
    • Stock management in order to guarantee product availability, the most appropriate packaging and shipment within the delivery times.
    • Order acquisition and fulfilment (updating availability, discounts, promotions, etc. on the back end/or front end tool), maintaining the level of service even during periods of high demand.
    • Delivery to private customers by express courier in 24/48 hours across Italy, with a delivery notification service (SMS or email).
    • Express service across Europe 24/48/72 hours in Europe and the rest of the world.
    • Dedicated Call Centre, including multilanguage (with various objectives, such as sales, after sales, technical sales support and returns management with the aim of minimising the rate of returns); for us this represents a point of excellence.
    • System update on the progress of the order and “Alerts” management via SMS or email and PIN service (PIN control during delivery) for all parties involved.
    • Payment management (PayPal, credit card, collect on delivery).
    • Reverse logistics.



    We offer logistics services to companies (advertisers) that undertake affiliate marketing projects to promote their products online.

    We know how to take on the whole process to make it as efficient as possible and meet the expectations of the final customer (B2C).

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